Utah Rental Assistance Changes

Monthly Rent to be Capped at 150% of HUD Fair Market Rents (FMR)

On May 6th, Utah’s Housing and Community Development Office announced that applications for ERAP (Emergency Rental Assistance Program) Will now be capped at 150% of FMR by county. This means the contract rent cannot exceed 150% of FMR in that county. Use the table below to determine max rents allowed. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to UAA for more information.

Download FMR and caps chart

FAQ Section

Filing an eviction may trigger additional aid options like the community action eviction prevention specialists funding. Give the tenant contact information for Community Action Eviction Prevention program.

No, the contract rent can not exceed 150% of FMR in that county. There can be no arrangments outside of the contract. You can amend the contract to the FMR max and ERAP will pay that. You would then have to “waive the remainder” and not make the tenant pay it now or later.

Fair Market Rent (FMR) is a statistic developed by HUD in order to determine payments for various housing assistance programs. FMRs differ by local area, and are updated on an annual basis.

Yes. All contract fees and the additional $150 processing fee to the landlord can be requested. The 150% of FMR only applies to contract rent.

Yes rental assistance will pay past due rent and 3 months future rent for qualifying renters for up to 18 months.

For 5 bedroom multiply the 4 bedroom number by 1.15 and for 6 bedroom multiply by 1.30