Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS)

We are excited to offer a Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) Program to our members as part of our affiliation with the National Apartment Association!

CAS Program Consists of Six Courses
  1. Industry Essentials*
  2. The Resident Experience*
  3. Risk Management*
  4. Legal Responsibilities*
  5. Supplier Success
  6. Financial Management*
  7. Test Prep Day

The Supplier Success class is a CAS Student only class that focuses on:

  • Understand how economic conditions have impacted the apartment industry;
  • Learn the role industry associations play in improving multi-housing quality and professionalism;
  • Understand the inner structure of the apartment associations;
  • Learn how relationships and participation in associations builds industry strength and lines of business
  • Define various types of multi-family housing;
  • Recognize measurements of a property’s success;
  • Identify decision makers;
  • Review property and company organizational charts;
  • Review timing, resources, and daily operations of an on-site community;
  • Recognize business resources to maximize selling opportunities;
  • Learn ways to position products/services based upon the goals of an apartment community;
  • Begin relationship building opportunities with other participants.


*Classes taken in conjunction with the CAM course - CAM and CAS students will learn together.