Member Get A Member Programs

Member Get a Member Program

Earn $25 for each member you refer, tickets to the annual movie night, and a chance to win $1,000

You are one of thousands of members of the Rental Housing Association and share a pool of resources, with access to incredible benefits.

Yet, you undoubtedly know another rental operator who is not yet a member of RHA.

Sharing the benefits of RHA to someone who is not yet a member is a great way to create a win/win. Your new member friend wins by having access to great benefits and resources. You win, by tapping into our Member-Get-A-Member Program.

What is Member-Get-A-Member?

When you refer a new member to RHA, you get the following:
1.    $25 credit to education or dues, $25 credit towards RHA apparel, or a $25 gift card
2.    Tickets to our annual RHA movie night, November 21, 2023
3.    A chance to win one of many significant prizes, including $1,000 cash at movie night

So share RHA with someone you know today and start earning rewards!

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