Utah County/Student Housing Committee

Below you will find a list of upcoming meetings. Info for participating on the committee, and any documents relevant to the actions and work of the committee. 

Utah County/Student Housing Members Committee Scope of Work

The purpose of the Utah County/Student Housing Committee is to:

  • TBD


Upcoming Events

About the event

Attorney Dave Todd with The Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore and Titan Legal will present a 2 hour seminar on OPERATIONS. Areas of focus will include:

  • Tenant screening and application fees risk, liability, and best practices
  • Handling of additional fees (ancillary income), late fees and renewals
  • Contracts and enforcement
  • Resident death, unit infestation, illegal activity
  • Handling bankruptcy of tenant, roommate release and early termination requests
  • Deposit dispositions and refunds
  • Evictions, end of term notices and rent increases, illegal immigrants, Cares Act properties requirements
  • Retention of records, cooperation with government agencies and
  • Collecting bad debt from tenants

2023 Meeting Schedule

Committee Meetings will be held quarterly at the discretion of the Committee.