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2023 RHA Annual Golf Tournament

2023 RHA Annual Golf Tournament

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
7:00 AM - 2:30 PM (MDT)
106 Seats Remaining

Event Details

The RHA Utah golf tournament is a summer event held to help network and connect vendors and property managers. This event will be a 36 hole tournament with a 7:00 AM Shotgun Start. Golfers are grouped into teams of 4 and as they play they stop at the beginning of every hole and talk to that hole sponsor. Golfers will play through 18 holes. This event is a great way to network, and spend quality time with current and potential clients.

For More Information:

Stephanie Murrell
Stephanie Murrell
Assistant Director Rental Housing Association of Utah (801)487-5619

Thank you for coming out to the RHA’s 2023 RHA Annual Golf Tournament. This Tournament is a 4 person scramble format. That means each golfer will be assigned to a team of 4 players and each team will start at a different hole (as assigned). Each player will then take turns hitting their shot. After all four players have hit - the team then selects which ball is the “best” shot and the other 3 players go pick theirs up and play from the “best ball”. This next shot is considered the teams second stroke. This continues until one player has made it into the hole. The players then pick up and move on to the next hole.

Basic Rules - You will start at your teams assigned hole and move forward through the course until you have finished 18 holes. - Men will be playing from the Blue Tees - Women will be playing from the Red Tees - Golf carts are to remain on paths or in designated areas where indicated - Please help by repairing ball marks, fixing divots, and raking bunkers.

Pace of Play Rules:

Putt Rule No more than three putts per green – If your group misses your 2nd putt, your 3rd putt is a gimmie.

Double Bogey Rule Nothing more than a double bogey score per hole (if you are one stroke above par and you have not yet holed out , you’re going to say uncle and give yourselves a double bogey – for some groups this is awesome and may be their best round of golf ever!)Please keep in mind pace of play.

Most important, Have fun!