Group8 Marketing

Parker Brown
400 Element
400 Element Provo, UT
Aire Condos
Aire Condos Salt Lake City, Utah
Alpine Village
Alpine Village Provo, Utah
Altair at Riverwalk
Altair at Riverwalk West Haven, Utah
A'Qui 355
A'Qui 355 Salt Lake, UT
Arcadia Provo, Utah
Arcadia Townhomes
Arcadia Townhomes Roy, Utah
Ascent Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Ascent at Autumn Glen
Ascent at Autumn Glen Salt Lake City, Utah
Ascent at Marmalade
Ascent at Marmalade Salt Lake City, Utah
Ascent at Union Square
Ascent at Union Square Provo, Utah
Bay Terrace
Bay Terrace Provo, Utah
Blueridge Provo, UT
Bountiful Court Apartments
Bountiful Court Apartments
Brookview Provo, Utah
Cadence Roy, UT
Campus Edge
Campus Edge Provo, Utah
Campus Way
Campus Way Provo, Utah
Canyonlands St. George, Utah
Cedar Flats
Cedar Flats St. George, Utah
Coal Creek Townhomes
Coal Creek Townhomes
College Place Provo
College Place Provo Provo, Utah
CollegePlace Woodland
CollegePlace Woodland Provo, Utah
Country Woods & Chambery Condos
Country Woods & Chambery Condos Orem, Utah
Courtside Apartments
Courtside Apartments Orem, UT
Crestwood Provo, Utah
Desert Village I & II
Desert Village I & II Santa Clara, Utah
Downtown 360
Downtown 360 Salt Lake City, UT
East Pointe
East Pointe Provo, Utah
Fleur de Lis
Fleur de Lis Provo, Utah
FreeHand Apartments
FreeHand Apartments Provo, Utah
Glenwood Provo, Utah
Grandview Manor
Grandview Manor Provo, UT
Izzy Apartments
Izzy Apartments Salt Lake City, Utah
Klein Huis Turner Mill
Klein Huis Turner Mill Heber City, Utah
Liberty on 8th
Liberty on 8th Provo, Utah
Liberty on Freedom
Liberty on Freedom Provo, Utah
Liberty Square
Liberty Square Provo, Utah
Monticello Apartments
Monticello Apartments Provo, Utah
Mountain Run Apartments
Mountain Run Apartments Orem, UT
Palladium Provo, Utah
Park Capitol
Park Capitol Salt Lake City, Utah
Park Place
Park Place Provo, Utah
Promenade Place
Promenade Place Orem, Utah
Raintree Commons
Raintree Commons Provo, Utah
Redstone Residential
Redstone Residential Santa Clara, Utah
Regius Square
Regius Square Salt Lake City, Utah
Sequoia Heber, UT
Shogun 5 Plex
Shogun 5 Plex Provo, Utah
Southridge Provo, Utah
Stadium Crossing
Stadium Crossing Logan, Utah
Stadium150 Provo, Utah
Streetcar Flats
Streetcar Flats
Summerwood Condos
Summerwood Condos Orem, Utah
Summit at Layton
Summit at Layton Layton, Utah
The Annie Apartments
The Annie Apartments
The Ashli
The Ashli Provo, Utah
The Axis
The Axis Orem, Utah
The Factory (900)
The Factory (900) Logan, Utah
The Gallery
The Gallery
The Green on Campus Drive
The Green on Campus Drive Orem, Utah
The Mercer
The Mercer Salt Lake City, Utah
The Omni
The Omni Provo, Utah
Timpanogos Towers
Timpanogos Towers Provo, Utah
Unite Student Living
Unite Student Living Salt Lake City, Utah
University Park
University Park
University Villa Logan
University Villa Logan Logan, Utah
Village on Parkway
Village on Parkway Provo, Utah
Wolverine Crossing
Wolverine Crossing Orem, Utah
Areas of Expertise